Weekly Forecast APR 20 – APR 25

Hello Everyone!

This week we have 2 important events.

Although we are in the month of Aries and the New Moon of Taurus will take place next week, this Monday (Apr 21st) the Sun is transiting into Taurus. A flavor of grounding stability is entering the cosmos to assist us to deal with all the intense times that we are in. This means we can take responsibility, be loyal to ourselves, willing to go all the way to commit for the transformation we started on the New Moon of Aries through the Seder in Passover.

This week we also going to witness a rare Astrological event – Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars form a perfect square known as the GRAND SQUARE or GRAND CROSS.

This phenomenon started already and will reach its peak on Apr 22-24, when Pluto will be 13 degrees in Capricorn opposing Jupiter that will be 13 degrees in Cancer.

Uranus will be 13 degrees in Aries opposing Mars that will be 13 degrees in Libra.

All planets will be exactly 90 degrees angle to each other – forming GRAND SQUARE in the sky.

Pluto in Capricorn indicates transformation in structural organizations like governments, businesses and leaderships.

Jupiter in Cancer means expansion of our heart and empathy towards others instead of our heads.

Uranus in Aries means revolution, breaking out of old social and personal limitations and fighting towards social freedom and humanitarian causes. Mars in Libra means changes, break-ups, conflicts in relationships and partnerships toward something more meaningful.

This kind of square usually shakes countries, nations and people.

This phenomenon happens exactly in the middle between the Lunar Eclipse we had last week and the Solar Eclipse that we will have next week.

It is definitely a very intense time for all of us.

In Kabbalah, we teach that whatever energy is out there and as negative as it could; we have the opportunity to take all that intense energy and turn it around.

We are the ones that can change it!

Planets are planets and they show us where we need to pay attention to change and grow.

Our soul is above any of the planets or angels and it has a tremendous power.

There are 3 important lessons for us this week:

1) We should all be aware that our consciousness can change the reality.

Karen Berg explained that “destiny is where you come into this world with set amount of space; the moment you don’t change that space, the end result is that your destiny will stay the same.”

It says in the Zohar “Open to me an opening no greater than the eye of a needle and I will open to you the supernal gates”. Karen Berg explains about this verse that “we don’t need to make great things to make great changes in our life. All we need to do is go one level more, towards being better.

We can change our cassette, not by doing actions or being a righteous person. What we need to be is aware!”

Rav Berg always said that “Consciousness is everything”.

2) The universe always gives us another chance, as long as we correct ourselves and care for others.

It’s interesting that the Grand Square is happening in 13 degrees. We know that Kabbalistically 13 is the numeric value of the word ONE, the word LOVE and the word CARE.

Also, we know that the moment the Golden Calf took place in Mt. Sinai, which brought the energy of death and mortality to the world and the tablets got broken;

Right after this incident there had to be a process of purification, so Moses could bring the second tablets.

Last Saturday, we read the section of the Torah from Ki-Tissa where Moses reveals the secrets of the 13 Attributes of Mercy which is a tool of purification right after the incident of the Golden Calf and preparation for the second tablets.

No matter whatever negativity we created, the universe always gives us a chance to correct.

The power of the 13 attributes is that through Unity, Love and Care with each other, we can then purify and cleanse any negativity that is around us. Through the 13 Attributes, we realize that the Light Force of the Creator is the only one in charge and directs our lives.

As Karen Berg says “the most difficult thing in the world is to love someone, especially when you hate them”.

13 is UNITY and it is above 12 – above the 12 signs of the zodiac.

A friend is someone that knows all the good and bad about you and loves you for who you are.

Try this week to be a friend in your relationship.

When your partner does something wrong try to justify them as if you would justify yourself when you do wrong.

3) The power of the 72 Names of God – mind over matter and transforming the impossible to possible.

Tonight is the 7th of Passover which connects us to the splitting of the Red Sea and the power of the 72 Names of God. The Zohar explains that although the nature of water is not to split, but at the time of creation there was a condition in the software of creation that at some time in the future the water will behave OPPOSITE to their nature.

There are many things in our nature which seems unchangeable – fears, anger, judgment, control, etc.

However, there is a condition in the universe that we will change this nature.

There is also a condition in the universe that chaos in the world will change its nature and become blessings.

Tonight we have the opportunity to connect to this power through the 72 Names of God.

Look at things in your life that seems unchangeable.

Use the 72 names tonight and especially tomorrow before dawn to draw the energy of miracles.

I wish you a great week of transformation

Chag Sameach!


All the best,


Chaim Cohen



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