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Weekly Forecast – New Moon Aries 2014

Hello Everyone! It’s great to be back with you. This Monday (Mar 31) we’re entering the month of Aries, which is also the beginning of the new year. Kabbalisticlly, it’s a very important time that will determine the destiny of the next 12 months in our personal life and in the world. As we enter the New Moon, Uranus which is known as the planet of instability, revolutions and unpredictability – meets with the Sun and the Moon together and brings dramatic instability to the upcoming month and year! … Continue Reading →

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Weekly Message – Purim

Hello Everyone! We are in the month of Pisces II and this week we approach the holiday of Purim. The Sun in Pisces very close to Neptune in Pisces. We all feel the watery energy which awakens confusion, instability, as well deep emotions that come out. Pisces makes us naturally look deep inside and awake the sub-conscious and connection to our soul. As we learn our soul is covered by our body and ego and to tap to it we need to go through process of removing the ego … Continue Reading →

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Message from the stars – Weekly Forecast – March 3

Hello Everyone! Hodesh Tov and welcome to the second month of Pisces! The New Moon is an opportunity to reboot our life and open a new page. Let’s see what the stars tell us. As we enter the second month of Pisces we find 6 planets in water where 4 of them in Pisces including the most dominant planets – the Sun and the Moon. Yes, we can feel overwhelmed emotionally and the tissues we stored a few months ago we need to take out. At the same time, … Continue Reading →

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Message from the stars – Weekly Forecast – Feb 25

Hello Everyone!Many people ask me what to do at this time that everything feels so watery and confusing. Yes, the strong Pisces energy with the strong influence of Neptune makes us go to our internal world to the depth of our soul and our sub-conscious side. It can bring the deep emotional part of us and try to figure out ourselves and others. Yes, it’s very foggy and unclear. What happens when an airplane need to land and there’s a heavy fog? It DOESN’T land and it finds another … Continue Reading →

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Message from the Stars – Weekly Forecast – Feb 19

Hello Everyone! How are you so far this week? As Mercury is in retrograde you might have experienced so many communication issues both personally and technically in the last few days. I personally did! In conversations or meetings people can find themselves frustrated of not being understood and have to repeat at least 3 times the same thing to make sure people understand them and assure they talk on the same thing. Technical issues with personal computers and mail servers also can take place. The highlight of this week … Continue Reading →


Message From The Stars: September 1 – 7, 2013

Here’s the Forecast for this week: This week is not only about this week but it’s the seed for all the year to come that begins this Wednesday night known as Rosh Hashana (Sep 5th and 6th). Towards Wednesday the Sun in Virgo has difficult aspect to the unpredictable Uranus that is in Aries. This increases unpredictable events in our lives and in the world – danger of accidents and sudden shakes. Be careful of taking unnecessary risks. This week Mars in Leo has difficult aspect to Saturn in … Continue Reading →