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Hello Everyone and Hodesh Tov!


We just entered today the New Moon of Capricorn.

It’s true that Capricorn is earth sign and tend to be heavy and “dry”, however when we look at the chart of the New Moon we find that the Sun is still in Sagittarius and will be there till Dec 22nd. This gives us a lot of energy and enthusiasm as we enter the month.


The rising sign (the Ascendant) of the New Moon is in Libra. What it means that this month we would like to focus about partnerships.

Communication in our relationships is something to focus on this month.

The Rav always taught us that human dignity and tolerance toward your fellow man is the most important thing.

Mars – the planet of drive and wars – is in Virgo in the 12th house. We should watch for holding grudges about all the little things that bothers us about others.

The unexpected Uranus in Aries is in the house of relationships. Unexpected behavior or events can take place in our relationship with others. It’s easy to explode or break existing bonds.

Saturn is the planet of Capricorn and it’s furthest from the Sun. Moreover it’s surrounded by rings of ice. This is the reason Capricorn always feels lack and in darkness and can be perceived as cold. To cover the lack Capricorn holds on material things to feel secure.

The Rav and Karen teach us that material is important and we are in this physical world in the place where we need to do our correction. However, real security comes only from the Light of the Creator. This is something we all need to learn this month.

There is a spiritual law that says wherever there is the most darkness there is the most light. Avraham in the Book of Formation explains that Saturn actually repel material and wants to elevate from the attachment to material.

Remember that tolerance and human dignity is the Key. Therefore, it’s NOT the time to be RIGHT. It’s the time to be LIGHT. Just think about that every morning when the creator gives us our soul back he’s giving us another chance for new life no matter how negative we were and how many mistakes we did yesterday, in the last week, in the last month, in the last year and throughout all our life in this one and before.

Uranus and the Sun have harmonious aspect on the New Moon which means GREAT, UNEXPECTED GOODNESS and UNEXPECTED RESOLUTIONS can come this month.

To allow this to happen we need to LET GO and welcome something new, unexpected.


The Keys for this month:

– Accept the imperfection in others. As Karen Berg says if we are here we still have something to correct (we are not angles yet).

– Tolerate the unexpected behavior of others. It’s not personally. It’s about allowing the unexpected good to come to our life.

– Illogically let go of what you are attached the most. Remember, the light always have something better than what you think you hold on.


Hodesh Tov and Chag Sameach!

All the best,



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