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Hello Everyone!

Good to be with you again!

Let see what the chart of this week tells us.


Jupiter in the first house inspires us to believe in our ability to succeed in our dreams and goals. As well the Sun is still in Sagittarius till next Sunday (Dec 22nd). This is a great energizer to everything we do.


Mars has just moved to Libra a couple of weeks ago. Mars – the fire planet – entered the fragile Libra. By nature they contradict each other. The Mars is strong and aggressive while the Libra seeks harmony and love. As long as we let go of anger, release grudges, avoid suppressions and not care about “want to be right” – the relationships can be powerfully harmonious. The other way around relationship can become “explosive dynamite”. Beware.


Venus in Capricorn brings sense of responsibility and stability to our relationships. However, too much seriousness in the relationship can be heavy and dry.


On Dec 21st Venus goes to retrograde. That affects our relationships. Oh no, not again! We just got out of Mercury retro a month ago. Yes, another one is coming. We can already start feeling it since Venus begins to slow down a week before. We might feel a bit down, disappointed and general feeling of heaviness.


However, retrograde is a perfect time to introspect and re-evaluate our relationships. See where is it we can improve in the way we treat other people. Where do we lack care? Where do we need to listen more or give extra love and attention?

Venus retrograde will be from Dec 21st till Jan 31st.


This week we enter the new book of Exodus – “Shemot”. It describes the time period of going into Egypt – which represents the place of lack and limitation – and eventually it describes the coming out of Egypt and receiving all the light and blessings on Mount Sini.


The first thing to learn is that in order to elevate to the next level we must go to the place of darkness. The place of challenge and void is where we cleanse our negativity, introspect, take responsibility and come out stronger.

Coincidently or not, cosmically we enter this week a time called “Shovavim”. The name is an acronym of the names of the portions of the coming 8 weeks – Shemot, Vaera, Bo, Beshalach, Yitro, Mishpatim, Terumah and Tetzaveh.

This 8 weeks period is a special time we go inward. This is the time to make sure we go the extra mile. Not to leave things half done. We need to fix the things that are broken.


The Rav explains that It’s a period similar to the preparation for Rosh Hashanah.  It’s a period of “T’shuvah”. It means “to go back” and correct the wrong things.


It’s such a great opportunity we have.


Take the time this week and re-evaluate your relationships. Be willing to use this 8 weeks period of time to focus on your relationships. Ask yourself “What can I do to improve my relationship? What lessons and responsibility I take upon myself to make my relationships become the best they can be?”


Good luck!

All the best,


Chaim Cohen



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