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Hello Everyone!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

This week we enter the month of Aquarius. It’s interesting that this year the New Moon of Aquarius is exactly on January 1st, 2014.

This means that the seed of the year and the guidelines for 2014 is within the New Moon.

Although we enter the month of Aquarius – which is an air sign – when we look at the chart we find that most of the planets are in Earth – mainly in Capricorn.

Wow, that’s pretty heavy to start the year with. Capricorn influenced by Saturn – the planet of boundaries, limitations and discipline. Yes it makes us serious, heavy, individualists and hard to keep the high spirit of enthusiasm.


However, the Capricorn is very discipline, goes by the book, full of patience and willing to go through the hard work. When it has a goal it will accomplish it no matter what till it’s done.

The most significant planets – Sun, moon and Pluto – are in Capricorn in the house of Transformation.


This month and this year we can achieve personal transformation through hard work and patience. It’s either we make it or break it. That’s it, no more games, it’s time to work and accomplish what we came to do in this world.


The most challenging thing for the Capricorn is trust in the light and the process that eventually will be good.

When we look at the chart we see also that the Ascendant (rising sign) is in Taurus. We must pay attention of our comfort zone and laziness. It’s our greatest enemy. We must constantly push ourselves and not run away from what we need to face.


This is where the Aquarius comes in, which is also ruled by Saturn and it’s the other side of Capricorn – Out of borders, visionary, thinks big and is limitless. It gives us the energy to transform any difficulty to miracles.


The universe will push us to change this year through our day-to-day communication and relationships. All the personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars – are going through retrograde back and forth and especially Mars in Libra will go through many retrograde periods.


We all need to take a big breath and really let go and welcome the challenges in our relationships.

The Kabbalists explains that those moments we find ourselves “reacting” or about to “lose it” are the moments our soul failed in previous lifetime and is looking for the opportunity in this life time to experience the challenge again and overcome it. This is what we call “Correction” or “Tikun”.


Our teacher The Rav explains that the moment we raise our consciousness and we act from a higher level of awareness the physical laws of reality of the “old me” cannot affect us and we can change our destiny.

Which means, we constantly need to invest in our consciousness and raise it – through study, through actions, through tests and through overcoming the moments we get reactive.


The plan for this month and year:


1. Make a study plan to raise your consciousness (you can consult with your teacher). Really invest on daily-weekly basis. Be consistent.


2. Make a list of the things you are lazy about and you know you should face but you run away (people you have issues with, certain anger, fear, judgement, etc.). Choose the things from the list you genuinely commit to deal with and face them this month and this year.


3. At moments you find yourself reactive and about to lose it – surrender completely to the light and know the light will always bring you to the best place. I suggest you use the Proactive Formula.


My teacher Karen Berg explains:


“No one’s life is free from difficulties. The question is- how do we react to them when they come?”

What do we say to ourselves in the midst of the challenges? Do we say, “This is it. I am finished”? Or, do we try to rise above the difficulty and become a better human being because of it?”


Have a great month and happy New Year.


All the best,


Chaim Cohen



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