Message From the Stars – Weekly Forecast – Feb 10, 2014

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Last Friday (Feb 7) Mercury officially got into Retrograde. Oh, what’s new? We hear about Mercury goes to retrograde so often that it’s almost boring news.


This time Mercury retrogrades in Pisces. Mercury represents the intellect and our thoughts process. Mercury needs air, while Pisces is about emotions and immerse in water. These two don’t really go together. When our thoughts get “watered” messages become un-clear, double meaning, lack of concentration, we forget things, “emotional” thinking rather than intellectual thinking, tendency to be introverted. We might tend to over exaggerate or even not say the truth here and there.


Now, Neptune the planet of imagination and illusion is so close to Mercury that confusion goes to a higher level! Wow, anybody got lost?


The good news is that on Thu Feb 13 Mercury enters Aquarius which is very good for Mercury (but still in retrograde). Mercury in Aquarius have clear thoughts, very sharp, out of the box and can be unpredictable.


All this takes place in the house of partnership – either romantic or business.

This week pay extra attention to the way you communicate – be very clear, make sure you know what you want to say, don’t escape and be honestly direct with things. At the same time, be sensitive, be creative, but be careful to not shock your partner with things you might later regret.


Just to remind you that at a time that Mercury is in retrograde is good opportunity to look back on the way we communicated with others and figure out how we can improve our communication skills and our human dignity toward others, specially the closed ones we have challenges with.


Karen Berg shared something very powerful last week regarding being a messenger (which relates to mercury):

“Each one of us is a messenger for whomever we are speaking with. This is a great gift, both for that person and even more so for ourselves. The more we are able to channel the Light of the Creator into someone else’s life, the more illuminated the road becomes in the woods of our own.
Unfortunately, we sometimes get in our own way. We forget, or don’t realize, that we are the messenger and not the message. When this happens, we tend to receive the wrong messages and climb the wrong ladders.
The key is to get ourselves out of the picture when listening to -and helping- others.”

Have a great week!

All the best,


Chaim Cohen



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