Message from the Stars – Weekly Forecast – Feb 19

Message From The Starts

Hello Everyone!

How are you so far this week?

As Mercury is in retrograde you might have experienced so many communication issues both personally and technically in the last few days. I personally did!

In conversations or meetings people can find themselves frustrated of not being understood and have to repeat at least 3 times the same thing to make sure people understand them and assure they talk on the same thing. Technical issues with personal computers and mail servers also can take place.

The highlight of this week is the transition of the Sun from Aquarius to Pisces this Wed Feb 19. Together with that the Sun will get strong influence from Neptune in Pisces.

We will all be affected by strong watery Neptunian energy this week (Neptune is also the ruler of Pisces). Neptune is the planet of the under the sea, the secrets of the deep, awakening the sense of mystery, illusion, confusion, imagination, twilight state, dream state, fantasy, inspiration and intoxication. At the same time it can bring great creativity and imagination.


Which means things that happen this week might be foggy and not explainable. We can find ourselves being part of a big magic show where things disappear and re-appear and the magician himself is invisible. The general feeling can be instability, things melt and get lost.


Therefore it’s recommended this week to avoid struggling with things in our life that are not stable because things can get more confused and eventually collapse.

At this time we can find ourselves more sensitive to things and cry for no reason.

Beware of deception or false promises. Check everything you do not to get disappointed at the end.


Our certainty and connection with the Light is being tested this week.


Yehuda Berg once shared that random things that seem to happen aren’t ever really random. And these ‘random’ things don’t happen to us. They happen for us.


Yet we only see the hidden order in chaos after the fact. If only we could see it in the moment…


Talking about magic, Yehuda explains that it’s the nature of evil to obscure itself because if we could see it, then we’d know it and get rid of it. That’s why we have so many grey areas in our lives that are difficult to differentiate.


But when you get down to it, life is simple. It’s black and white, good and evil, light and dark.


Be real simple. Are you thinking of others or only yourself? Are you ruled by doubt or certainty? Does judgment run your show or is there some mercy sprinkled in there?


Answering these questions can clarify your confusions this week.


If you are familiar with the 72 Names of God ( I also recommend you to use name #26 – ORDER FROM CHAOS this week. Keep the mantra and meditation of this name in everything you do.


Have a great week!


All the best,


Chaim Cohen



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