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Hello Everyone!


Hope we all had good time in the holidays and ready to start the year.


Last week’s chart most of the planets were in Capricorn and none in Aquarius.

However this week the energy of Aquarius starts to be more present. The first one to enter Aquarius is Mercury and it’s happening on Sunday Jan 12th.


Mercury – the planet of thoughts, ideas and communication – is entering Aquarius. Wow. Mercury in Aquarius is exalted! It feels very good in Aquarius since it gets free spirit to express, create and do according to its desires.


We will all be affected by it and will be capable to find solutions and ideas out of the box, improvise and find solution to anything. We can find ourselves needing to express our ideas and think independently and not with the flow of the convention or what is expected.

Mercury in Aquarius awakens within us the compassion and empathy toward people, society and the world.


From Wed till Thu Mercury will have good aspect with Uranus that is in Aries. We will all get empowered with new solutions, new ideas, and resolutions to complicated situations.


The peak of this week is the Full Moon on Thursday which is the 15th Day of the month of Aquarius known as “Tu B’Shvat”.


What is so special about this day?


The Kabbalists explain it is the New Year for the trees, just as Rosh Hashanah is the New Year for all of mankind, so too is the 15th day of Aquarius, this day is known as the New Year, meaning the new injection of life for all of the vegetable kingdom.

Now, the one notable, beautiful character, trait of the vegetable kingdom is what? It grows up. It defies gravity. What is gravity?

Rav Berg explains that gravity is a force that represents the desire to receive. So the tree on this day is instilled with this profound power of going against gravity. It’s a proactive state of consciousness.


The power that is revealed on this day is the consciousness of restriction, which is something that we must learn and learn it so thoroughly, because without a consciousness of restriction, without understanding that by our indulgence to reaction to everything that occurs in our life that we are not in control.


We simply behave, and conduct our lives based on outside influences. Whether it’s the economy or illness, suddenly if these catastrophes and disasters occur, we naturally REACT. And once you are of a reactive mind, then you have literally removed yourself from that rules of the game – that you can control your environment. This is essential foundation for achieving the removal of chaos in our lives. Restriction.


This week there is so much energy of new ideas and proactivity.


1. Choose an area in your life that you would like to open-up or advance to a new level.

2. Write down all possible ideas, thoughts and plans that come to you to help you to advance. Don’t limit yourself.

3. Choose 2-3 people that you trust and brain storm ideas with them of what you can do to advance.

4. While you go through steps 1-3 identity your reactive nature. See where you react. For example:


  •   Sudden fear of the unknown
  •  need to control every step
  •  Not being open for new ideas
  •  doing it your way or no other way
  •  blaming yourself or others for the situation you are in etc.


5. Use the Proactive Formula and the power of Tu B’Shvat on Thursday to overcome the reactions in no. 4. Realize that your reaction is what stops you to advance. Awake the proactive nature in you for new opportunities to come.


Wish you all a great week!

All the best,


Chaim Cohen



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