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Hello Everyone!


Finally after almost three weeks in the month of Aquarius, the Sun enters Aquarius on Mon Jan 20. Just to remind you that everything is delayed this year since we are in a leap year and everything will be sorted out when we will enter the second month of Pisces which we will discuss in couple of months.


With the new energy of Aquarius, social care, equal rights and breaking the conventions will come up. As you remember, Mercury already in Aquarius and now the Sun join it.


This week is a great time to work together as part of a team toward a common goal, find creative and out of the box approach and come with very creative solutions.


Aquarius is great about revolution and changing the world; however one of the things Aquarius came to learn is to improve one-on-one relationships. Now, this affects us all in the coming weeks. Moreover, as you recall Venus is still in retrograde and has challenging aspect with Mars in Libra. This really challenges our relationships.


We must pay attention in the coming weeks to our relationships and make all possible effort to do our best with human dignity.


Rav Ashlag teach us that the connection with the light is through the people and our relationships. The reason we have relationships is to give us opportunity to transform ourselves. Relationships push our buttons so our soul can transform what it came to correct (Tikun).


This week portion is Mishpatim which the Zohar explains it’s about the laws of reincarnation of our soul. It is about moving from one lifetime to the next, about all the baggage that we accumulate from each lifetime, and about what we must do to free ourselves.


This week we have the opportunity to get messages from our soul of what we need to learn about our Tikun, and one of the areas we will have the opportunity to learn the most is our relationships.


Therefore, in this coming week, we should all look at relationships in our lives, especially the ones that make us reactive and upset, and we should ask ourselves:


1) What is the message the light wants to give me through this relationship?


2) What is the thing I need to take responsibility for and correct?


3) Take responsibility for it and take actions to transform!


Wish you all a great week!

All the best,


Chaim Cohen



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