Message from the stars – Weekly Forecast – March 3

Hello Everyone!

Hodesh Tov and welcome to the second month of Pisces!

The New Moon is an opportunity to reboot our life and open a new page. Let’s see what the stars tell us.

As we enter the second month of Pisces we find 6 planets in water where 4 of them in Pisces including the most dominant planets – the Sun and the Moon. Yes, we can feel overwhelmed emotionally and the tissues we stored a few months ago we need to take out. At the same time, all Pisces energy is located in the house of the deep conscious and transformation. The ability to connect with our intuition is great. As well we should pay attention to not run away or escape situations. The pressure is high but so the light that wants to reveal is great. We should let go of being shy and ask for help to be able to go through the pressure. Asking for help is not a weakness. It is strength to show the light that we don’t know everything and we are open for guidance. It shows desire to reveal light.

The Planet of Jupiter – the ruler of Pisces – is giving us a lot of strength and optimism about ourselves and our emotions. We all get inspired with strength. It’s a good time to go out of ourselves and do things for others and society. Find ways to do actions of sharing or volunteering. The blessings and light is behind the situations with people where we find ourselves being impulsive or judgmental. It’s about the opportunities we want to take that the universe gives us to grow.

Mars begins its retrograde on Mar 1st. Mars relate to the month of March. Mars represent the planet of war, the ego, the gasoline of our soul. Kabbalistically it represent the desire to receive for the self alone. When it’s in retrograde we have the ability to look inside and see how our ego hurt others and ourselves in the year that past. Rav Ashlag explain that our spiritual work is really to develop “the sense to recognize the evil within”. It’s great time this month to prepare ourselves for next month of Aries where it’s all about removing our ego as we approach Passover. Take a time this month to look at the year that passed and see where you could behave different. Where the ego got you blind and made you insensitive toward others.

Uranus Located in the house of our higher consciousness. This means that this month we can revolutionize ourselves, the way we think, the way we believe, and create a new version of ourselves. As we learned in Kabbalah we need to earn it. The way to earn according to the chart is through

a) take it easy and transform “It is not possible” thought into “how can I make it” thought.

b) Let go of judging oneself and others – specifically close family members or friends.

c) Open to take risks toward your dreams.

This is the last month of the year and it’s important we close all unfinished business with ourselves and others. Things we committed and did not do, unresolved issues with others, things we committed to ourselves and did not fulfill. This month we get a lot of support from Jupiter. This is the time to do it. Next month there are some conflicting energies in the universe that will make things harder.

Together with all the above there are also difficult aspects in the chart that shows tension, instability, revolution and the fuse is short. Things can go wrong in an instant.

As we learn in Kabbalah that consciousness creates reality. It was in this month that in Purim the small group of people overcame the masses. It’s not because of their power, tactic or wisdom. It was because of their consciousness and actions of sharing outside of themselves.

Take a time today and throughout the month to inject unconditional love to people around you and specially to people you have conflicts with. This kind of energy can light the world and evaporate the clouds of darkness.

Yehuda Berg once shared something beautiful:

“When we are alone, it’s all we see, and we can’t lift the curtain of darkness. We need a second set of eyes to show us a way out. Be that person helping someone removes their curtain, and ask for help lifting your own.”

Have a great month!

All the best,

Chaim Cohen



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