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The Kabbalistic Astrology Chart is like a huge compass that assists you to navigate your journey in life. 

Through this chart you will:

  • Get clarity about your personal mission in this life.
  • Receive guidance and tips on relationships, economic status, health, and behavior patterns.
  • Discover your gifts and unique abilities.
  • Receive guidance on the specific areas of your life that require attention.
  • Understand why certain areas of your life are “blocked.”
  • Find out about your previous reincarnation, what is your Tikune and about the spiritual work you came to do in this lifetime.
  • Learn what windows of opportunity the universe is giving you.

Your Personal Kabbalistic Astrology Chart

Cost: 150 Euro for a 45 min. to 1-hour personal reading

Once you register to the Kabbalistic Astrology Reading at you will get an email from our Astrologer to set a time to meet.

Meeting Flow

The meeting is done online via Skype.

The meeting is about one hour and includes:

– A few minutes of introduction and the purpose of the reading.

– Going over the chart together and covering the different areas of life.

– Discovering the energy your soul brought from past life to this life.

– How the stars affect you today and openings in the near future.

The meeting is recorded and you will receive the audio file through email.

Together with the recording you will receive your personal chart on file in PDF format.

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** all charts will be in English. If you need translation, you may bring a third person to translate for you.

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