“Chaim is an amazing kabbalist and a astrologer, the astrology chart is a ” must” to understand why you are here and what have you come to do in this world .”

Sunci Pedrosa

“I have always thought that if one thinks that one needs help, they should try hard to get it. Anyway, when I decided to get a reading I was not actually looking for help, but for some sort of guidance for my introduction to Kabbalah.  Basically I made my decision based on what I had read in the book of Astrology and Kabbalah, thinking that it would help me get started with my studies.  And you know what? I got much more than I had expected.”

Not only did I get the guidance I was looking for regarding my tikun, but also I got many answers with regard to my life.  I must say that even though the information I got about my weak areas was hard to digest, I didn’t feel bad about it at all.  In fact I did cry, but not because I felt that I was hopeless or depressed. I cried because it was the answer I had been seeking for a long time and I had finally found it.

But what I loved the most about my reading was the sensitiveness with what Chaim was telling me about everything that was in my chart.  Everything he said was so well explained and clear, and every little detail and recommendation that he gave to me was very helpful indeed.  It’s interesting that to say that, even when I started following only some of his recommendations, they made a major impact on my life. It’s amazing how   small things could really make everything start to change.

Not only does Chaim know astrology very well, he also has the gift of making people feel good when he explains the chart. The chart reading isn’t only about getting informed, it’s also about being told that whatever we are, our soul is precious and no matter what happens we always have hope.

Thanks Chaim.  My life has certainly changed a lot since I got the reading. And even when I still try to find who I am, I’m already happy knowing that at least, thanks to you, I know what I need to do to find it out.

My best wishes to you and Blessings from the bottom of my heart. “

 Aracelly Urbina