Weekly Forecast Apr 7 – Apr 14

Hello Everyone!

We are heading toward the full moon of Aries known as “Passover” and the energy is heating up.

We are in the second week of Aries which is controlled by the planet Mars, which is the planet of fire, motivation, excitement and enthusiasm. At the same time, it’s the planet of wars, conflicts and relates to bloodshed which connects to the level of our selfish animalistic nature.

As our teacher Karen Berg mentioned, we are in a critical period of time in the world history – “According to many astrologers, this has the potential to be the most unstable and extreme time of the recent past, or even our lifetime. Aspects, such as these, can result in acts of terrorism, natural disasters, extreme weather, and either war or an escalation of existing military conflict. Economies might go into even deeper crisis than they already are, possibly even as an effect of another disaster. In short, these events will affect the whole world.”

Karen says “Our hope is that it will push each of us to change things, to work together, to make positive things happen, and to take care of others more because the alternative—the possible collapse of society—isn’t a great one.”

With the power of Mars, we can harness the energy of life, rejuvenation and growth in our life and in the world.

There are 3 things happening this week we should pay attention to:

1) Mercury entered to Aries – our thoughts, ideas and expression is filled with excitement, ambition, spontaneous and inspiring. It’s a good time to express ourselves and our ideas. However, since Aries is a fire sign, we can find ourselves too direct and blunt with people and sometimes jumping like a kid drawing attention, for the new ideas we have.

We should pay attention this week before we bring our ideas out and we are so sure it’s the best idea; its better to ask for a second opinion from people around us.

No matter how great the idea is, allow ourselves to hear the ideas of others as well. The Light always shows us something we can learn.

And most importantly, let’s not get discouraged when our ideas are not accepted. It may possibly be that it’s not the right time and the Light is preparing the best moment for it to come.

2) Venus entered to Pisces – our relationships are spiced with great emotions and care. Actually, Venus is best located in Pisces. It’s like being in Venus on the water with your lover, guitar and wine.

This is the highest level of love to the degree of giving oneself up to the other person. The universe really helps us to care for others, see their pain and needs. The need to give unconditionally is increased.

It seems that with all the difficulty that there is right now in the world, Venus in Pisces really can help us to care for each other and realize that we are all in the same boat. It balances the Mercury in Aries.

We should pay attention this week to avoid emotional dramas in our relationships. Yes, we might find ourselves so sensitive to every word, action or look we get from our partner or people around us. When it comes so emotional then the fish goes behind the rock. Let’s push ourselves to separate between emotions and facts and be down to earth.

After all, there is a message here for us to grow especially as we “clean” ourselves before Passover.

3) Full Moon of Aries – which is happening on Monday night on Passover night. This year it’s special because it’s a Full Lunar Eclipse, and physically the Moon will seem Red.

Yes, we heard about the dramatic historical events that happened in history during this kind of event.

However, Lunar Eclipse is a time we can break something in our internal nature in our sub-conscious, which relates to the Moon. We can release certain patterns of beliefs, thoughts or actions that have kept us in the same movie cassette for the last year, lifetime, or many lifetimes.

We get the opportunity to break through the walls of our prison and get to a new version of ourselves and getting closer to our purpose.

This is what Passover is about – freedom of our mind.

As Rav Ashlag teaches us that the cause to any problem in the world is our desire to receive for the self alone – our Ego.

May we all merit to take the opportunity of the global shift that is happening this month and to redeem ourselves and the world!

Have a great Week!

All the best,


Chaim Cohen



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