Message from the stars – Weekly Forecast – Feb 25

Hello Everyone!Many people ask me what to do at this time that everything feels so watery and confusing. Yes, the strong Pisces energy with the strong influence of Neptune makes us go to our internal world to the depth of our soul and our sub-conscious side. It can bring the deep emotional part of us and try to figure out ourselves and others.

Yes, it’s very foggy and unclear. What happens when an airplane need to land and there’s a heavy fog? It DOESN’T land and it finds another airport where the weather is clear for safe landing. Same way for us. We should make decisions when it’s clear what we need to do and when we are not clear we don’t, and let the Light lead us till it gets clear. We must have the certainty that the fog will clear soon.

At the same time, it’s a good time to connect with our intuitive side and ask for answers from our soul. The reception of the wireless connection to our soul is great! Use name #57 – LISTENING TO YOUR SOUL – from the 72 Names of God to do so.

Another great opportunity that we have now is the ability to help others more than we usually do through volunteering and sharing. We can find ourselves unintentionally trying to figure out the pain of other people around us and assist them.

The Sun in Pisces is getting closer to Chiron the healer. This suggests that the need to heal deep wounds in our soul is coming up. But to heal a wound can involve re-experiencing the pain. The deep Pluto has positive aspect to the Sun which means that deep rooted pain can come up but it’s guaranteed that recovery will take place and opportunity to start fresh again.

What it means that if we find ourselves going through a form of pain like loss of a close person, friendship, losing a job, or any other deep pain, the universe is now assisting us to heal things from the past and start clean.

It’s like cleaning the dirty attic that we didn’t open for 30 years. A lot of garbage comes out but then it’s fresh and new.

Yehuda Berg once shared that behind pain and suffering is LIGHT.  Acknowledging challenges as such, frees us to accept responsibility for the soul correction process being brought to us, at all moments of the day.

When faced with challenges, resist the response to right away analyze with your analytical mind, and instead acknowledge the light part of you saying, “It’s time we face this.”

Look back on past challenges and see how they have served to benefit you. Every struggle in our life has shaped us into the amazing person that we are today.

Be thankful for hard times. They will only make you stronger.

For this week:

1) When not clear about things let the Light lead and clarity will come.

2) Connect with your intuitive side and ask for answers from the soul.

3) Reach out to others and share more than usual. There is natural ability to figure out the pain of others.

4) Any pain or deep issue that comes out means that the universe helps us to heal deep wounds from the past and start fresh new.

Have a great week!
All the best,

Chaim Cohen



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