Weekly Forecast – New Moon Aries 2014

Hello Everyone!

It’s great to be back with you.

This Monday (Mar 31) we’re entering the month of Aries, which is also the beginning of the new year. Kabbalisticlly, it’s a very important time that will determine the destiny of the next 12 months in our personal life and in the world.

As we enter the New Moon, Uranus which is known as the planet of instability, revolutions and unpredictability – meets with the Sun and the Moon together and brings dramatic instability to the upcoming month and year! Definitely, we are heading towards surprises and sudden changes! Please buckle up! The ride is bumpy and shaky!

We should all pay attention to our reactive nature and the reactive nature of people around us. We are all being tested. The tendency to lose control and get aggressive is very easy and it feels very explosive. It’s easy to get impulsive.

Mars – the planet of Aries – has difficult aspect with Neptune in Pisces – the illusionist. There is a high possibility that we can get the false impression that we know what we are doing and we are so sure about ourselves but actually there is no real cover or connection to the reality. This can lead our behavior to being foolish and impulsive that can make us really regret it later on.

Those of us that are impatience will have to push more this month and let go.

Yes, there is the danger of great crisis, danger of war, threats and other events from the production line of chaos and darkness.

On top of all that, we are also expecting two great eclipses:

1) Lunar Eclipse on Apr 15 (Passover)

2) Solar Eclipse on Apr 29 (New Moon Taurus)

The situation in the cosmos is similar to the one just before great wars or dramatic events that took place in history.

Right after those dramatic events something very positive came out; as if the universe cleanses the negativity before the light is revealed.

Unfortunately, these dramatic events were chaotic and cost a lot of pain and misery.

This is the way of nature and the natural influence of the cosmos.

In Kabbalah, we learn that we want to go above the influence of the stars and constellations, and how we can change our reality.

The Kabbalists explain that there are 4 heads of the year:

1)   New Moon of Libra – Rosh Hashana – head of the year of mankind.

2)   New Moon of Virgo – head of the year of animal kingdom.

3)   Full Moon of Aquarius – Tu B’Shvat – head of the year of vegetable kingdom.

4)   New Moon of Aries – head of the year of the Kings – or inanimate kingdom.

The New Moon of Aries connects to the Kings – who governs and rules this physical world – the Malchut.

The Ari explains that the New Moon of Aries and the first 12 days control all the possible conflicts and wars that will take place in the coming year.

Kabbalistically, when we speak about conflicts we talk about the conflict and battle we have with our own negativity and ego.

If we look at any war or conflict that takes place in the world, it starts with the conflict of two people that battle with their own ego and the ego of each other. The battle always starts internally, not externally.

The Kabbalists explain that there is one King that is above all Kings in the world and that is the Light of the Creator.

The Light is above the planets, zodiac signs and the angels. It’s the source of all existence.

When the Light is in charge there couldn’t be wars and only goodness will come.

Unfortunately when a King thinks he is the King (his ego) and there is no above him (the Light) then wars, conflicts, pain and misery come.

The word “New Moon” in Hebrew is “Hodesh” which comes from the word “Hidush” which means new.

Every New Moon we get the possibility to charge ourselves with new energy to allow miracles to come into our lives.

The month of Aries is called “Nissan” which comes from the word “Ness” which means Miracle. It is a month of miracles. It says that on this month redemption took place – going out of Egypt – and on this month redemption will take place.

So what can we do this month?

1) Restriction – Go back to the Proactive Formula and use it again, and again, and again. This is how we allow the real King (the Light) to be in charge.

2) The First 12 Days – Every day of each of the 12 days of Aries controls a different month of the year – first day Aries, second day Taurus, etc. Karen Berg our teacher will give a special consciousness for each day. Please follow through Facebook or the Kabbalah website.

3) Spring Cleaning – Clean the “garbage” within. Make a list of all the negative things that your Ego doesn’t let you release. We can really free ourselves this month. With all the influences of Mars in the air- it’s a time we should get out of our hiding place and be more assertive, direct, be clear about what bother us, deal with difficulties and resolve conflicts.

4) Prepare for the great redemption – the peak of the energy of this month is the Full Moon of Aries known as “Passsover”. If you have a teacher, please speak with them to see what you can do to prepare for this opening and get the energy to free yourself from the chains of the Ego.

Have a great Month!

All the best,


Chaim Cohen



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