Weekly Message – Purim

Hello Everyone!

We are in the month of Pisces II and this week we approach the holiday of Purim.

The Sun in Pisces very close to Neptune in Pisces. We all feel the watery energy which awakens confusion, instability, as well deep emotions that come out. Pisces makes us naturally look deep inside and awake the sub-conscious and connection to our soul. As we learn our soul is covered by our body and ego and to tap to it we need to go through process of removing the ego so we can be in touch with our true voice. Therefore confusion and crisis are necessary to break our ego.

We spoke last week about the difficult aspects that exist now in the universe which brings a lot of tension between people and nations.

It’s interesting that the month of Pisces which is the month of joy is involved with so much tension and challenges.

If we go back to the time of Purim, the Ari – Rav Issac Luria – explains that Haman (the evil person from the story in the scroll of Esther) was a great wicked Astrologer. He foresaw in the stars that this time – the month of Pisces – would be a time where there is great darkness in the universe. He saw that it would be the weakest time of mankind. And therefore a chose this time to bring destruction to the world.

However, the light did not leave us alone and allowed a certain light to be present that would allow mankind to sustain itself. That light is called “Mira-Dachya” which means Pure-Light. This light was channeled to the world by a person named Mordechay.

The Ari goes and explains that a miracle took place and through the light of Mordechay darkness was removed from the world and the light of redemption was revealed.

Since then every year that light is available for us at this time of the year. This time is called the time of Purim. The power of this light is to remove uncertainty from our life and restore certainty.

There were few actions the people in Persia did to reveal this light:

1) Use of the 72 Names of God and the Zohar

2) Actions of Sharing and Charity

3) Unity

4) Happiness


These are the tools that allowed them to go beyond the negative influence of the stars and restore the light in any aspect of life. It was the power of the group to reveal the light of miracles.

The Kabbalists explain that the light of Purim is the only light that will remain forever.

It’s true that we are now in a similar time. The tension, confusion and crisis are in the air. However, we have the tools to go beyond it.

As our teacher Rav Berg explains that “Consciousness Creates Reality” and it’s the power of the group to transform darkness to light.

I recommend you to join our Purim connection or ask your teacher what you can do to connect to this amazing light.

Happy Holiday

Have a great week!

All the best,

Chaim Cohen



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